24 May, 2017

Post box of kindness

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‘Post box of kindness’ promotes No Hate Speech Movement in Ukraine18452266_426083574445222_1849231340_o

by Kateryna Zeziulina

Post service in every country has a very important mission – to unite peoples’ hearts and connect countries within the Globe. This year Ukrainian Post Office decorated numerous mail boxes in order to remind traditions of warm and kind communication between people and promote post-crossing.

Mail box is the first receiver of feelings and emotions that are sent by post. Therefore Ukrainian National Campaign of No Hate Speech Movement created a mail box with logo of Campaign on it. It was designed by famous artist and active supporter of the Movement Vasyl Voznuk. This year the Campaign is also planning to publish a post-card book that will promote No Hate Speech Campaign in a creative way.

The project is organized by Center of public relation of Ukrainian Post Office within cooperation with Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine and International airport “Boryspil”. The mail boxes will be disposed for 3 month in the airport hall and will promote values of the Campaign for all visitors of Ukraine and Eurovision 2017 song contest in particular. Afterwards the exhibition will move to the streets of Ukrainian capital and Kyiv tourist could find them there.

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