21 February, 2017

Promoting tolerance by combating hate speech at high schools communities

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The project “Promoting tolerance by combating hate speech at high schools communities” was implemented in Kukes, Albania, bringing together 28 active youth workers, educators, parents, local journalists, and young people in the No Hate Speech Movement in Albania. The project aim was to bring together active actors and players to develop their competences and share experiences, expectations and to contribute towards a better and safe communication environment at high schools communities, follow up and consolidation of the No Hate Speech at local level with local authorities, based on a participatory approach. First steps in the project were preparation phase and announcing of the project in schools which was followed with the training. Having a long experience on organizing similar events we came with a special idea how to look for participants through promoting the project and the training in high schools as well promoting the call on our social network. 28 out 68 were selected.

People reached: 28 participants directly involved, 10 trainers, staff and volunteers, 50 high school students discuses with and more than 1200 reached on line.

Target groups involved: High school communities

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Other campaigner’s use/multiply/adopt or learn from your practices: Considering the target group and the specifics under which young people are exposed, talking about, addressing, analyzing and providing Capacity Building skills and knowledge for young people, psychologists, activists and teachers directly contributes toward tackling Hate Speech.

Place: The activity did take place in Kukes, Albania. It started with a preparation phase, feed back from students on hate speech through questionnaires, prep meeting and selection of participants and the event, the training. The training was organized in Kukes, from 16th to 23rd of December 2016. As well, a follow up meeting was held to reflect on what has happened and how we can improve. The activity was coordinated with No Hate Speech movement Albania and sessions were facilitated by representatives of the Movements.

Url: http://cyp.al/2016/11/07/training-course-promoting-tolerance-by-combating-hate-speech-at-school-communities-16-23-december-2016/

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