17 June, 2016

Refugees, migrants and asylum seekers

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4fd1efe66Here is all you need to understand the basics about refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. If you want to express your opinion first you should understand the basic principles, definitions and legal basics of the issue otherwise do not even try to express your opinion as you may sound totally incompetent and ignorant.

Refugee or migrant? The two terms have distinct and different meanings, and confusing them leads to problems for both populations. Read this very basic explanation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers: what’s the difference? The three terms are often used to mean the same thing, but each has a distinct meaning that carries different international obligations and consequences. An important principal article in The Guardian.

 If you want to understand more details about the Human Rights and international legal aspects of asylum this video offers a twenty-five-minute talk by a lawyer from the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights and was recorded in the Court’s main hearing room. It provides an overview of the Court’s jurisprudence in matters related to asylum. It is principally aimed at legal professionals and civil society organisations. The video was produced by the Court in cooperation with, and with the support of, the Council of Europe’s Programme “Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals”

Further details can be found in this collection of useful links here.

Reference: Sean Mchugh Middletown CT.

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