13 January, 2017

Represent UR Rights!

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Category: News from the activists
Campaign Activist
9 am

1. Debate with the youth about what are human rights (examples and facts);
2. Brainstorming about some specific rights related to their reality;
3. The participants then had to paint what they felt about those rights;
4. Presentation and discussion of the paintings;
5. Two of those rights were chosen and then they had to plan and film a small video (mannequin challenge.)

People reached: 10

Target groups involved: Children and youth living in a residential setting

National Campaigns:

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Other campaigner’s use/multiply/adopt or learn from your practices: An example of an interesting and very dinamic educational activity that the young people can take an active role and at the same time learn and reflect about Human Rights.

Place: Portuguese foster home (Braga), 10th December 2016 (Action Day for Human Rights Online)

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