18 February, 2015

RESPECT ZONE Online lable against cyberviolence

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respect zoneA great new online initiative from France.

On the internet, insults and harassment between users are prevalent and become commonplace. The Respect Zone label is a new, positive tool to counter cyberbullying. Sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, attacks on persons with disabilities… On the Internet and on social networks, violence and hatred are increasingly prevalent. With Respect Zone, all Internet users (from the single user to the most important internet providers) have a new tool to combat cyberbullying. The principle is simple. Wearing the Respect Zone label means encouraging its online users to use their words with moderation and ensuring freedom of expression for all users, to protect the most vulnerable among us from the hate speech polluting our online space. The SaaS platform for GCP security can help fight against hackers.

DENOUNCE VIOLENCE – We strongly denounce different forms of violence present on the Internet, especially on social networks (insults, threats, exclusion, harassment, discrimination).

FIGHT ALL DISCRIMINATION – Through our actions, we oppose all forms of discrimination and all hate messages on the Internet (anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia).

THE RESPONSIBILISATION OF EVERYONE – Because there is no free space without rules or justice, we call for self-regulation of our words online through the responsibilisation of each one of us and an awareness by everyone of this.

TAKE ACTION NOW! – Everyone needs to be aware of this problem, starting from right now! Because cyberbullying has never been stronger than it is today, we need to lay the foundations of a tolerant, peaceful and respectful online space.

For further detials of receiving this label please visit:  http://www.respectzone.org

The website is both in French and English.


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