13 February, 2017

Safer Internet Day by YPbM

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Campaign Activist
4 pm

Digital technologies and especially Internet are very strong communication tools of our era which are capable of make remarkable effects on individuals and societies.

That is why, the way that we use digital communication tools matters. In the light of this, we the participants of the Youth Peacebuilders Multipliers project would like to attract your attention to February the 7th, Safer Internet Day!

With the following posters, we are aiming to promote safer and positive internet for young people and raise awareness on topics like cyber-bullying, online hate speech, data protection and digital literacy. Safer Internet, Safer Society!

Find out more here.

Url: https://medium.com/youthpeaceambassadors/online-activism-45a0dcf31e0a#.up1s8ykdb

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