20 February, 2017

SELFIE Chain Reaction to Challenge Sexist Hate Speech

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selfie másolataWe know very well that hate speech is not good. We know very well that sexist hate speech is dehumanizing and degrading women. Still so many people use sexist expressions from light sexist humor that they believe is harmless (but it is not) to harsh and offensive sexism with immediate impact on women’s life. No matter we consider the 21st century a modern world assuming that people are more educated and more responsible for what they say we must go on combating and challenging sexist hate speech and sexism in many different ways, in order to avoid that it becomes normal for the new generations. So as part of the Action Day countering Sexist Hate Speech, we are inviting YOU to join our selfie taking chain reaction to speak up for gender equality and challenge sexist hate speech.

We invite you to take a selfie with another person preferably with a different gender as you have (a man, a woman, a transgender person). It can be anyone: your friend, your family member, your colleague, your boss, a neighbor or a person in the street. Ask the person if you can take a photo of the two of you, take a selfie with him/her/them and share this photo on your social media with a statement that you feel important to express on the occasion of the International Women’s Day (8th March). You can also write “I speak up for Gender Equality and I challenge Sexist Hate Speech”. You can write a joint statement about why combating sexist hate speech is so important and why we should not ignore it online or offline. It can also bring a positive message to encourage other people to join as well.

You can be creative as much as you want with the statement, you can write the statement on a poster and also include it in the selfie, or you can write the statement in the caption of the photo. There are a lot of choices, so it’s up to you to get as creative as you like. Please add #nohatespeech

When you post the picture on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) we invite you to tag two more people and challenge them to do the same thing: to take a selfie and make a statement against sexist hate speech and for gender equality. In that way you will encourage and motivate other people to follow your lead!

The fight against sexist hate speech can take different shapes and forms and this action is part of that. The Selfie Chain Reaction is a fun way to join the fight against hate speech and it is an action that can easily go viral and can touch other people who may want to join and share their thoughts.

So, find a “selfie-partner” who is ready to join you, write a statement, share it with the world and tag two friends to follow you. Start now!

We speak up for Gender Equality and Challenges Sexist Hate Speech!

Find here some examples:

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