17 May, 2014

Situation in Hungary

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Gubaz Koberidze
11 am


By Sziklai Attila 

The day against homophobia is today and that’s the reason I wrote about the LGBT question in Hungary.

This issue is in really strange situation because the biggest problem is silence.

The former social-liberal goverment has voted the registrated partnership for the gay and lesbian persons but it was not enough and the success of this institution is invisible.

During the former goverment the attacks against the Gay Pride was so strong and the right-wing party used hard words for gay people.

The situation has not changed after 2010, it is just getting worse. The attacks against Gay Pride have continued. The result of this is that there are more police officers in the Prides. However in 2013 we witnessed the greatest crowd ever in a gay pride of Budapest.

We need to talk about the rural situation in Hungary. While life is easier for  gay people in Budapest, in the countryside the biggest problem is silence. Not many people know about real identity and sexual orientation of people. Under 30 gays and lesbians can’t make relationship or can make it but in secret. That’s the first reason gay people can’t believe in a longterm relationships. LGBT people do not dare giving a kiss in public. They are hiding. They can’t share their happiness with their friends. Registrated partnership can’t be successful because people are not so brave to get this partnership and they are just living together or trying to be live in secret.

Most of gay people are leaving small villages and they are going to live in cities. From the smaller cities they are going to Budapest or abroad. It is the reality. They can hide from the family and mates in the universities they have more chance to find relationships and friends.

The daily life is getting harder because the parties do not care about this issue. It is so sensitive question and they are afraind to lose some votes. All other serios topics has more frequent presence in the news, in the daily life. In Hungary many people have no gay friends, they do not know anyone who may change their bad sterotypes and negative attitude. Only about one third of the population know LGBT paople closely. So it is a vicious circle.

That’s the reason why we think it is really important to speak about this question in this European Action Day which is fighting against Transphobia and Homophobia.


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