23 December, 2013

Starting in Romania, reaching a European impact

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Category: National campaigns
Eric Miller
10 pm

By Gabriel BREZOIU

GEYC (Group of the European Youth for Change) joined “No hate speech movement” campaign from the very beginning: by opening a resources center to support online activists and by promoting anti-discrimination campaign at national and European levels.

”Defending human rights” (in general, youth human rights in particular) is one of the major six directions of GEYC. Moreover, is well known that online hate speech is propagated through internet and social media. Taking into consideration our organisation new media expertise, we strongly believe we need to support this: if discrimination comes from social networks, that is the place where it should be fought and stopped.

GEYC photo

We know that sometimes getting involved in online campaigns could be challenging from a technical point of view. This is how ”GEYC Resources Center” (http://resources.geyc.ro/) started. We are now offering more than 200 free, online and easy to use resources. Online activists could use them to enhance their social media, multimedia or educational skills.

Find out more about GEYC’s involvement in NHSM campaign.


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