22 October, 2016


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9novemberThe No Hate Speech Movement is organising the Action Day countering Antisemitic Hate Speech on 9 November in cooperation with European Union of Jewish Students, the Media Diversity Institute, the Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe and European Network Against Racism

What is Antisemitism?

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance has adopted on 24 May 2016 the following working definition of Antisemitism: “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” Their adopted text also lists contemporary examples.

Why do we have to act?

The internet has provided new platforms for antisemitic hate speech to evolve and spread, commenting on present day challenges with quick fix solutions that single out minority groups as the problem to be dealt with. The spread of such rhetoric’s online support the ground for antisemitism to spread to all regions of Europe. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) noted that not only neo-Nazis, right-wing extremists and certain extreme left-wing groups spread antisemitic hatred. Growing antisemitic trends have been observed among Muslim immigrant communities, in particular the younger generation. ECRI noted also that insufficient emphasis is placed on distinguish between criticism of the actions of Israel and the public expression of racism and hatred of Jewish people in general. Hate speech whomever it targets undermines human rights and democracy in Europe. It is a shared responsibility to speak out against it.  Thus the No Hate Speech Movement is calling for countering antisemitic hate speech in all forms.

For what are we taking actions?

Through the actions and activities that we organise we would like to 

  • raise awareness about the rise of antisemitism, and the dangers it represents to human rights and democratic values,
  • call for action against antisemitic hate speech online and offline, and to propose positive counter narratives that promote Human Rights as a basis for inclusive and tolerant societies,
  • discuss and learn about the manifestations of antisemitism and their impact on democracy and peace,
  • give visibility to the efforts of people who have shown courage and protected people targeted by antisemitism.

What are the supporting resources for countering antisemitic hate speech?

  • Information on facts regarding antisemitism from Get the Trolls out project.
  • True stories of past and present heroes who saved lives, who acted to protect others, who speak up to defend other people organised by UNITED.
  • Explanatory content regarding the link between antisemitic hate speech and hate crimes, the importance of speaking up against antisemitic hate speech, and danger that antisemitic hate speech puts on the future of our democracies based on the work of CEJI and the Facing Facts project
  • Counter and alternative narratives combating antisemitic hate speech building on examples from the Get the Trolls out project

What are the recommended actions for the Action Day?

Express your solidarity with those who are targeted by antisemitic hate speech and express your support to the Action Day by

Flag online antisemitic hate speech content on Hate Speech Watch add your counter argument to the content and share it on your social media

Share some of the recommended counter narrative content on your social media. Select one of the MEMEs, Infographics, blog posts and resources that are in line with Human Rights and that explain why and how to react to antisemitic hate speech online and offline

Organise and offline activity or run an educational session with young people that raises awareness and/or educates about Antisemitism and ways of preventing it, and ways of counter arguing it. You can read some resources here: How to prevent and counter antisemitic hate speech? Don’t forget to share about your activity and inspire others through the campaign blog online form, facebook or twitter.

Follow the Action Day on the Facebook Page of the Movement or on Twitter #nohatespeech


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