31 July, 2017

Stop Hate Targetting Muslims, message for 22 July

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Campaign Activist
2 pm

Dear all,

In this summer day,  we as the Citizens Plataform Against Islamophobia, want to remember each and every victim of hate crimes, be them death or alive.

More legislation and defense tools should be available. We find ourselves overloaded with anti Muslim hatred. It starts in the news and tabloids, spreads on social media with out of control hate speech and finally takes action on the streets.

The muslim communities are being stigmatized every single day, children face bullying at schools and women are often an easy target, among others.

We wish the recorded hate crime numbers would decrease one day.

Kind regards and peace,

Citizens Plataform against Islamophobia- Spain

Url: http://pccislamofobia.org/international/

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