27 November, 2017

Street action about International Tolerance Day

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12 pm

The purpose of our street action was to inform people about International Tolerance Day. We decide to make a video with people who are saying what means for them the word "Tolerance". Also we made a wall where they can write their opinion about that topic. The great thing we did is the wall where people continue the sentence: I am NOT MY ... This was inspire from one great artist who have a project named "What I be ?. The meaning of it was to show people that we all have struggles and they don`t define us. With accepting our weaknesses we will be more tolerance with the weaknesses of others.

Target groups involved: Young people from 15-25

National Campaigns:

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Other campaigner’s use/multiply/adopt or learn from your practices: People are allways interest when there are something big and sweet to attract their attention. In our case it was our costume of big heart.

Place: Our team made street action on Vitosha street in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Url: https://www.facebook.com/platformazatolerantnost/?hc_ref=ARTaUIZfElReFkiH31pwMzi4weRG2RsVjTe8CrpUy9-JWbxH9a3RNtlH3Y3Enn6BJ98

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