15 July, 2013

Take Action on 22 July 2013 – The European Day for Victims of Hate Crime

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Ruxandra Pandea
10 am

black heart victimsOn Monday 22July we highlight how hate speech, if unchallenged, can lead to hate crime. This day we also remember the victims of the Oslo attacks and Utøya massacre, where 77 people died, most of them young, as a result of hate crime in Norway, 2011. We put the spotlight on this day because the No Hate Speech Movement wants to address the seriousness of hate speech and hate agenda.

But we need you to take action with us! Here is what you can do:

  1. Organise a public action to commemorate and support the victims and targets of hate crime on 22 July. If it’s hard to organise a public action, then you can do an educational activity with young people.  We have prepared a guide to support you.  Please do not forget to show us your actions on our Facebook event and to report on them online once you’ve done them. You can do this on our Facebook event, on the Join the Movement page, or send us a little report at youth.nohatespeech@coe.int . We would love some of your photographs of events so we can use them on our platforms.
  2. Sign and share the petition to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the European Parliament to establish 22 July as the European Day for Victims of Hate Crime. You can read and sign the petition here. We invite both individuals and organisations to sign this petition.
  3. On 22July, we invite you to also take action in support of the petition and address your country’s representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and in the European Parliament.  You can find the contacts of your representatives here: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and European Parliament.  Here the email text you can use to address them.
  4. Do you know of a case of hate crime? Don’t keep silent! Submit a story to youth.nohatespeech@coe.int and we will feature it on 22 July on the No Hate Speech Movement platform. Please make sure to send us photos, if possible.
  5. Have you witnessed hate speech that incites to violence online? Report it on Hate Speech Watch.
  6. Support our action through social media by joining the Facebook event and Twitter action using #nohatespeech.

Upload your messages and reports from the action day on Join the movement and keep us updated.

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