12 November, 2014

TAKE ACTION NOW! Selected antisemitic hate speech reports

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The online activists of the Movement have selected three reports from the Hate Speech Watch. These reports are recommended for further online actions either with the aim to remove them from the Internet for being extremely dangerous and having serious consequencies, or with the aim to reduce its harm for the online public with comments and counter arguements.

Both actions are aiming to raise awareness about the potential social, psychological and political consequencies of such irresponsible, dehumanizing online content. The Movement emphasizes that hate speech cannot and must not be protected by free speech. Hate speech is a Human Right violation thus it is absolutely against Human Rights including the right for free expression. Antisemitic hate speech (including hate speech targetted to any other groups) cannot be considered as a simple opinion that could be protected under the right for free expression, for it incites, it humiliates people for something that has nothing to do with their real beahaviour or actions.


Thus we invite you to follow these instructions if you wish to take part in combating online hate speech now.

1. A video called “Jewish Harlem Shake”

It is very difficult to comment on it you need to check the video on Youtube.

This report has ben selected by the activists of the Movement to take action on the European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime. Please follow the link to the video and report the content to YouTube. You can report it by clicking on the little flag underneath the video on the right side, under the number if viewers.

2. The Holocaust was faked

Author in the blog article says that Holocaust at the hands of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany during WWII is the biggest lie ever foisted upon humanity.

This report has been selected by online activists for the European Action Day against Fascism and Antisemtism because its content is extremely dangerous, very antisemitic and denies Holocaust. The activists of the Movement consider this online content hate speech, that violates Human Rights, right to dignity and it cannot be considered free speech.We invite people online to report this content to BLOGGER.COM by sending a complaint to Blogger. You can do this by writing a complaint throgh Google, as Blogger.com belongs to Google Inc.We also receommend that people with more experience in commenting and counter argueing and with protected identity comment the Blog below with arguements and expressing dislike.We hope we can achive the removal of this content and / or to provide strong opinion against it.

3. Jewish Problem – Judenfrei Planet

Totally false, misleading and dangerouse website fulll of horrible content and incredible statements. This site is against all humanity and must be removed as soon as possible. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

This site must be removed as soon as possible. Extremely dangerous and against humanity. Actions recommended immediately. We are inviting all followers and activists to send an email complaint about this wwebsite to the follwing agents (host server provider and registering agency): Registrar: abuse@enom.com  and also to abuse@1and1.com Tech Email: hostmaster@1AND1.COM


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