20 June, 2014

Tell a different story: 21st century global dictionary

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Ruxandra Pandea
10 am

21st century global dictionary

by Camille Thomas


Patientegration: neutral name. Defines the great capacity of any refugee to keep integrating into European societies despite uneasy political, social and legal obstacles.

Rejuvenasilees: neutral name. Defines the positive impact that young refugees have to counter ageing population in Europe.

Culturhubster : neutral name. Derived from Hipsters, defines the trend among new refugees to improve cultural diversity in European society.

Opportimistic : neutral name. math. Defines the simultaneous increase of European citizens’ optimism and the wide range of economic, social, cultural, religious opportunities for the European society welcoming young refugees.

Digversity : neutral name. Index of development of the modern society concerning the guarantees offered to everyone living in a culturally diverse country that they can live in dignity irrespective of his/her legal status.

Workheroism: neutral name. Defines the capacity to any young refugee to fulfil a work the nationals do not want to do, whatever the working conditions are.

Democraskill : neutral name. Defines the ability of young refugees actively participate in the democratic and economic development of the host country.

Productizens : neutral name. Defines the ability of refugees to increase the productivity levels in the  host country productivity once he/she has been recognized a citizen.

Equabitation : neutral name. scientific. Defines the way of life in European society where refugees can live in the same area as nationals without impeding nationals to enjoy their rights.

Newcomnomics : neutral name. eco. Defines the ability for any foreign newcomer to actively participate in the economic development of his/her host country and origin country.

Contribyouth : neutral name. Defines the positive role that young refugees play in European societies.

Multitegration : neutral name. social sciences. Defines the potential of any young refugee to stream into its integration process in European society his/her values without provoking the collapse of the host country.


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