20 June, 2014

Tell a different story: cold blue eyes

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Category: European Action Day, Refugees' stories
Ruxandra Pandea
12 pm

Cold Blue Eyes

by Camille Thomas


Cold Blue Eyes,

For the myriad of things I learned from you

That Humanities’ values as bravery and honour

Haven’t vanished in the Maze of the Minotaur

I would like to thank you


Cold Blue Eyes

With just a glance, you allowed me to fathom

While modern monsters bombed you out of your country

All the courage and strength you had to leave home

And build a future in a broad new city


Cold Blue Eyes

Your striking look would make anyone see something else

Than your empty belly, harmed foot and scars on the face

That so called caring people used to handle with pity

While you fought and survived for your own dignity.


Cold Blue Eyes

You learn too fast that tears shall not be shed

And moaning shall not be heard

As you have to constantly head forward

Instead of, like any child, rest at night in a bed


Cold Blue Eyes

You gained such large shoulders

And you hold your tiny fists tight

Ready to carry the fallen soldiers

When mayhem and hardship start to fight


Cold Blue Eyes

You inspired me to follow you in the maze of our modern bureaucratic jungle

like the privileged witness of your everyday struggle

Not like the bugs that stick to your clothing

After a night in this gloomy room, do-gooders dare calling lodging


Cold Blue Eyes,

You painted gold the words activism and involvement

And make new generation believing that acting is power

While old sleepy societies watch blood stains with atonement

Without feeling responsible for whom we call the “Foreigner”

Refugees, children of the world, exiles and migrants

Who deserve everything but the pity of the ignorants.


Refugee Day


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