20 June, 2014

Tell a different story: I forgive

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Ruxandra Pandea
8 am


Refugee Day

This is a plea of a victim of the Nagorno-Karabakh war who does not want anyone to experience the war again!

I forgive


Dear people,

Dear countrymen,

Dear patriots,

Dear IDPs and refugees like me,

Those who saw the war and those who didn’t,

Those who participated in the war and who didn’t,

Those who want vengeance and those who don’t …


I am a person, who survived Khojali massacre,

I am a person, who saw that night,

I am a person, who lost his mother, his family, his home in one night,

I am a person, who saw his sister murdered

I am a child, who grew up in one night,

I am a man, who cannot cry for 22 years.



No more…

No more war,

No more children crying because of the sound of weapons,

No more person looking at his burning house,

No more meeting again with fear,

No more people who cannot cry,

No more war…


I forgive…

I forgive the killers of my parents,

I forgive the people, who showed me the war,

I forgive those who stole my childhood,

I even forgive the war with just one condition, never again…



Story told by Zibar Huseynova, the real author is anonymous





Refugee Day

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