20 June, 2014

Tell a different story: my mind, my heart, my hands

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Ruxandra Pandea
8 am

My  mind, my heart, my hands

by Fodé Drame

One day, a writer asked me to tell him about:


A thing going through my mind

A thing nested in my heart

A thing making me laugh

A thing that I hold in my hands

A thing symbolizing both past and future

Brought together, they all illustrate my lived experience. Therefore, I would like to explain him how my friends, family, brother and sister, the streets and my house were like.


The thing going through my mind is when my father passed away.

It was a really tough moment to go through with my family and I.

We felt so close for as I was his youngest son, he loved me so much and he was ready to achieve his best for me.

Soon before he died, he called me by his bedside. He confessed me he was scared of leaving this world for good, but I told him not to say such words.

As tears of pain went down his face, he warned me that whatever how tough life would be after his death, I should never give up.

“You have to fight, overcome the obstacles rising up in front of you for life shall be better for you afterwards”, he did say.

These last wordings will stay in my mind and heart forever.

The thing nested in my heart is the relation between my mum and I.

She is my life and raised me up. Education is of upmost importance for us.

My mother showed me the right way. She did anything she could do for me.

If I felt sick, she would stop eating and sleeping.

If I felt worried, she would put herself into my shoes.

Mummy, as I was a kid, you walked me to school and told me:

You shall learn plenty of things; never think about making some fuss around”.

Mummy, never before did I think I could live two days without you.

Mummy, now I have been in France for almost two years.

Although I cannot live by your side, I will cherish the advices you gave me.

I will die with them.

I will die with you Mummy.

Mummy, thank you so much.

The thing that I hold in my hand is my future.

Future shall be worked on for long before. It is like a dream.

If you really crave for doing something, you have to work on it

from that very moment you think of it for the first time.

After my arrival in France, I was traumatised.

I had lost everything and my living conditions upset me so much.

Coldness was striking as I had nowhere safe to sleep, nothing to eat.

To enjoy basic food, I had to turn to charities and queue up, like any other young person like me, out in these cold and snowy streets.


But I never gave up my dream.

I wanted to work soon to help my mother.

Therefore, I went back to school, learnt French and did some internship.

Nowadays, I, Fodé Drame, I want to enter an apprenticeship.

Therefore, I started looking for a boss.

This requires lot of bravery, being hardworking and a bit of chance.

This requires me to keep going forwards to find this boss.

Once found, I shall go forward again and again to get a degree, a work and relief my mum.

Fighting for her and not only for myself is paramount.

Mummy, I love you.


Refugee Day

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