20 June, 2014

Tell a different story: Raul

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Ruxandra Pandea
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Refugee Day


by NGWANA Christian Fozo

Raul (18) is a Chadian orphan who now plays professional football in Europe. Raul lost his parents at the tender age of one during the Chadian civil war. He later migrated to Europe. Raul suffered from foot disease and was declared disabled by doctors. Despite the adversity, the pains and the sufferings in his early childhood, Raul managed to pave his way to the top. He wants to be a role model for all refugee kids. Raul is also working with a foundation to promote free education for all kids in the world.



Whenever I play, I play as if it’s my last game; I play as if I have just a single opportunity to play. Life has given me a second chance so I always try to make the best out of every opportunity I have. When I was seven years old doctors told me I will never be able to use my legs properly again and that there was a probability that I will remain disabled for the rest of my life. My life in Africa was a very difficult one; I could not provide the most basic needs and I lived in abject poverty because I lost my parents when I was one year old.


Resettling and living abroad gave me a second chance to realise my childhood dreams and the dreams of my parents. At the beginning, life in Europe was very challenging, I could not understand the European culture and the European culture could not understand me either. I tried as much as possible to understand myself and my new environment. While in Europe, I underwent a series of surgeries and I subsequently stood on my own legs. Then I started to leap, then I started to walk and I ran, I ran, I ran and I never ever stopped running. Never cease running in life. Life is filled with challenges for everyone. No matter the situation, we must never stop walking. I look forward to advocate for all young refugees in the world. There is hope for everyone. I believe in a better tomorrow for all refugee kids around the world.

Refugee Day

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