20 June, 2014

Tell a different story: the importance of peace

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Category: European Action Day, Refugees' stories
Ruxandra Pandea
7 am

The importance of peace

by Madalina Popan



Persecuted and beaten because of religion

He was not accepted because he converted

The family could not even imagine

…him being not a Muslim.

He was beaten and left behind…alone

But…a priest found him

And took him

He took him to a land that many would leave

…a land many would just complain about

A land of street dogs, homeless people, gypsies and beggars…as media says

…but for him a land of hope, love and peace

It’s the land where not many,

But some will find their home

The land left by inhabitants but loved

By those who find their peace in it.

A family took him

And made him their own child.

He’s a black in a world of whites.

People love him ….he gives them a lesson

It took him just few months to speak their language.

It was a tough time

But now, soon he’ll be a lawyer

He has his own life now

He’s an inspiration

He’s safe now

And grateful he’s saying

“you have peace here,

…now this is my country”


Refugee Day

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