20 June, 2014

Tell a different story: true inspiration

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Ruxandra Pandea
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Refugee Day

True inspiration

by Greta Papazisi


Many people believe that is almost impossible to fulfil your craziest dreams. Allow me to disagree. I believe that there is only one thing that makes dreams impossible to be fulfilled: the fear of failure. When I was little, my life suddenly changed from one day to the other. When I was two years old, my family was forced to abandon our country and live in another country that we did not know. Basically we knew nobody and had nothing. We had to find our own path, to create a completely new life and dreams. But I realized that, as much difficulties as we may have faced in our lives, there is only one thing that matters: to be able to have people around you that love you and support you. These people help to create the beautiful puzzle’s pieces of your life.

This story is not about me, is about the person who made me realize all these things. This story is about a great woman, named Voula. Voula is my Godmother, she is the person who not only supported, advised and protected us, but also gave us unconditional love, without asking for anything in return. She loved us just because we are human beings. She is now a successful doctor; she has created her perfect little family and managed to live happily. These all sound so utopic, it is as if she is living a perfect life.
But let me tell you, there is no such thing as a perfect life. And her life has not always been that great.

She was born is a small village in Turkey and at an early age she had to flee her country along with her parents and start a new life in Greece. She was from a family of five and her parents could barely make ends meet in Turkey. They were let alone in Greece. They lived in a really small house and barely talked to anyone. The thing that she claims as her only motivation was school and her thirst for knowledge. So, without even knowing the language, pretty well and with hardly any friends she decided to follow a crazy dream of becoming a doctor. She wanted to contribute to the society and help people in need. But the economic situation of her family was starting to get worse so she decided to find a job.
At the age of sixteen she started working in a library. She admits that that sometimes she would work for many hours and not be paid a cent more. But she had also found the perfect opportunity to borrow books, to learn more about the world and its mysteries. At the age of eighteen she passes her exams with flying colours . She was given a scholarship for the Medical university of Athens for her commitment and her academic achievements.

Voula went from being a poor little refugee with no future to become what she always dreamt of: to change the world, her world. She always says that if you have a little faith in yourself and your dreams, you can achieve anything and the only obstacles for the dreams of tomorrow are the doubts of today. She is the kind of person who loves and respects anyone regardless of their nationality, gender, skin colour or religion. She is the type of person who uses her own experience to inspire other people.

The story of her life is not just about the pain and the difficulties that she went through. It is also about achievement, one of the basic cores of human life. As difficult as things may seem, even if society wants to see you fail, to convince you that you don’t belong anywhere; always bare one thing in mind: you belong to you. Do not allow anyone to define you, to make you a tool of his endless self-satisfaction. Do not compromise for less than you deserve, and most of all, if you want to change something, start from yourself: become the change you want to see in the world.

Refugee Day

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