31 July, 2017

The first instruction video on reporting hate speech in Azerbaijan

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On the European action day "July 22 - European Hate Crime Victim's Day" the National Coordinator Organizations of No Hate Speech Movement in Azerbaijan -the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan- has prepared a video about ways of preventing and reporting hate speech in social networks.
The video contains vivid samples of reporting mechanisms on the commonly used different social networks in Azerbaijan such as: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vkontakte and through Hate Speech Watch. Besides being in Azerbaijani language, this is the first instruction video on reporting and combating hate speech in Azerbaijan. The aim of the video is to educate Azerbaijani young people and social network users on avoiding and preventing hate speech online. We believe it will protect many people from becoming the victims of hate speech online. Also, the video includes the guideless on preventing hate speech from the manual “Bookmarks”. It reached 2.8k views in 2 days so far

People reached: 2800

Target groups involved: Young people, social network users

National Campaigns:

  • Racist hate speech
  • Sexist hate speech
  • Hate speech based on gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Hate speech targeting refugees and asylum seekers
  • Antisemitic hate speech
  • Islamophobic hate speech
  • Hate speech based on religious intolerance
  • Romaphobia and anti-gypsyism
  • Afrophobia and hate speech against people with african origin
  • Hate speech targeting persons with physical or mental disability
  • Cyberbullying

Other campaigner’s use/multiply/adopt or learn from your practices: Content of the video

Place: Baku (online), 22 July 2017

Url: https://www.facebook.com/nayora.az/videos/10155527864064512/

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