9 November, 2017

Training courses within “Play for Human Rights!” international campaign

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Young coaches all over Ukraine developed competences of Human Rights education and grassroots sports involvement through the trainings with professional sport clubs, meetings with experts, non-formal sessions on the intercultural dialogue, combating hate speech and reaching inclusion and participation of each. They organized 3 public Festivals "Play for Human Rights!" for local youth and produced video-Tutorial of methods for building inclusive and peaceful societies using sport and non-formal education in Human Rights (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1NyDp76Sxs). Each young coach receiving all-side mentors support from the organizers for the implementation of follow-up initiatives in their communities.

People reached: Young coaches - 47; participants - 278

Target groups involved: Young people with disabilities, internally displaced youth, ethnic minorities, youth with fewer opportunities

National Campaigns:

  • Sexist hate speech
  • Hate speech based on gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Hate speech targeting refugees and asylum seekers
  • Hate speech based on religious intolerance
  • Romaphobia and anti-gypsyism
  • Hate speech targeting persons with physical or mental disability
  • Cyberbullying

Other campaigner’s use/multiply/adopt or learn from your practices: Using the sports ground as an interactive model of society, it is possible to reach equality, accessibility, social cohesion, share the values of Human Rights and protect social rights. Through innovative training courses for young coaches, we contribute to the growing up of role models for young people, examples both on the playground and in real life, and provide them mentoring support for implementation of their own sporting and educational initiatives in their communities.

Place: Ukraine, September - November 2017 (5-days courses in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Poltava cities and Verhnyachka urban village

Url: https://www.facebook.com/loft.cfco

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