2 February, 2016

True “reality”: life without labels, Ukraine Photo project

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Menno Ettema
9 pm

Young Ukrainians expressed their opinion towards hate speech and bulling through photo exhibition True “reality”: life without labels devoted Safer Internet Day. The social project is realized by the Ukrainian NGO team “Institute of creative innovations” within the frames of the CoE campaign “No Hate Speech Movement” – the youth for human rights online. The exhibition is hosted by Zhytomyr regional universal scientific library after Oleh Olzhych.


The social Photoproject True “reality”: life without labels provides the youth vision to the issues of violence and hate speech and comprises 12 portraits reflecting the vulnerability of a person on the Internet. These 12 images depict both the victims and disseminators of “hate speech”. The border between two groups is rather blurred, recent victims can become aggressors in a day, and there is nothing worse than the revenge of those, who once suffered discrimination themselves.

During the presentation of the project on the 2nd of February, the visitors had a chance to meet the participants and the organizers of the project as well as the representatives of the Ukrainian national committee of “No Hate Speech” campaign. Active citizens, social workers, teachers, students and young people of Zhytomyr gathered in the library foyer to discuss the problems of Internet violence and cyberbullying, and to coordinate efforts for combating discriminational content in mass media. It is not surprising, that the exhibition got a lot of feedback.

“Such projects are especially important in the context of conflict in East Ukraine and fierce information war going on in the media”, – said the Dean of socio-psychological faculty of Ivan Franko University, Larisa Zhuravliova.

“We invested our soul into this project. We wanted to reach, first of all, our generation. Before you post something online, you should stop typing for a moment and think about the

consequences”, – Anastasia Rashko, the volunteer of the university Centre of intercultural tolerance shares her passion about the topic.

“I can be an aggressor. When people post photos which are not good, I tell them about it. Art should remain art,”- confessed a young student, and admitted, that a project raised a question for her: “Are comments in social networks that innocent at all?”.


The organizers of the project hope that all guests would find the right answers for themselves. The key objective of the project are to raise awareness to the Internet safety and Hate speech in the youth environment. It is already the second exhibition of the Socio-interactive “Theatre of life”, that became a follow-up of another Photoproject “Emotions: words, that create either a speech of hate or love” (2014).


The special mention goes to the people who made the project True “reality”: life without labels possible. Idea inspirators: Inna Palko – head of the NGO “Institute of creative innovations”, Veronika Svintsitska, Nadia Pavlyk. Practical realization: Leonid Shevchuk. Photos: actors of Socio-interactive “Theatre of life”, volunteers of the Centre of intercultural tolerance at Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University.


For more information visit their facebook page Інститут Креативних Інновацій (in English and Ukrainian)

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