16 July, 2016

Tweeting @ Politicians Guide – 22nd July

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22july_logo_ENGOn the occasion of the European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime on the 22nd July the No Hate Speech Movement is inviting its followers to TWEET @ European, national or local politicians engaging them in combating hate speech and speaking up for the link between hate speech and hate crimes with the purpose to prevent more hate crimes in Europe and beyond. All the recent hate crimes (Nice, Brussels, Paris, Orlando, Baghdad, Kabul, Istanbul…) have shown us where hate speech and bias hatred may lead to. We would like to invite politicians to speak up for Human Rights and explain their supporters that hate speech and discrimination against any group are not a solution but a major social problem that paves the path for hate crimes in our own communities.

Please find here some guiding points on how you can join our tweeting action on the 22nd July 2016.

1. Identify those politicians who you wish to address with this action.Tweet at different politicians from more political parties, and tweet at politicians who are especially productive or counterproductive in the field of Human Rights, anti-discrimination or combating hate speech.
2. Find out what is their Twitter username (for example @nohatespeech).
3. Prepare the format and content of your tweet(s)

  • Tweet in your local language that is the language of the addressed politician too,
  • You can also tweet in English if the selected politician is also involved on European level,
  • Pay special attention to grammar, spelling, use spelling editors to make sure you have no typos in the text,
  • Include an image that most represents your message, or use this image that is prepared for this Action Day
  • In your tweet make sure that you tag @nohate_speech as well as other relevant national campaign account (if any) or any relevant institution / partner connected to the topic of Hate Crime
  • Be consistent in the use of hashtags: #NoHateSpeech
  • Make reference to a well-known case of hate crime that either (1) took place in your country/community, or (2) has been present in the national media — recently,
  • Make reference to the current international context to highlight (1) the importance of addressing Hate Speech and Hate Crime, (2) the importance of preventing Hate Crimes, and (3) how Hate Crimes are a consequence of Hate Speech
  • Define what you want to ask the politician to do. Be specific in what you want involve them. There are three options you can ideally choose from:

4. Ask them to make a statement in general regarding the Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime on his Facebook Public Figure page / blog / Twitter / next scheduled media appearance / press release / etc. and share it with @nohate_speech online
5. Ask them to make an announcement on commemorating the victims of a specific hate crime of your community
6. Tweet at the selected politician(s) and monitor their reaction. If you find out that the politician has done something in line with your request, you can make a screenshot of the action (tweet/post) and send it to nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com

Some examples! (XY shall be replaced with the username of your selected polician)

To make it very simple you can download (click and save as) the image below and send it to the politician in a tweet. And you can add one the following texts:

  • @XY now more than ever politicians must talk about hate speech and #hatecrimes and how they destroy peaceful societies. Make a statement on 22nd July!
  • @XY 22nd of July is the day to commemorate the victims of #hatecrimes Make a statement Prevent hate crimes in our community
  • @XY I want to live in a peaceful society. Make a statement on the 22nd of July to commemorate the victims of #hatecrime in Norway 2011
  • (or replace it with a local hate crime)
  • @XY I want to live in a peaceful society Make a statement on the 22nd of July to commemorate the victims of #hatecrimes in (name of your country)
  • @XY remember the … (name and date of the crime case) Make a statement on the 22nd of July and prevent future #hatecrimes in our community

EAD VIC 22 July 2016 Twitter image - v3

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