23 June, 2015

Victims of Hate Crime: Call for Stories

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The No Hate Speech Movement is looking for stories of people who have been victims of hate crime. The aim is to show that behind the statistics there are people with life stories, dreams, aspirations, challenges and through them to raise public awareness on the size of the problem.

The stories can be shared directly by the victims or through organisations working with victims of hate crime. The collected stories will be shared online on the No Hate Speech Movement platform at its social media.


Guidelines to follow for submitting stories:

  • remember that 22 July is a commemoration day therefore it is sensitive for the victims and targets of hate crime, but as well for their families and communities;

  • make sure you have agreement or permission of the people targeted by hate crime and/or their relatives. If you take this case from a public source or third party, ensure you mention the information source and where possible check with the author.

  • the stories can be published with real names and context information or you can choose to provide anonymity to the people described in the story;

  • in case you also submit visual material with the story, make sure you have permission for its dissemination and you are mindful of the sensitive aspects.

The stories should also create a different narrative by bringing the life story of the person into focus, not only the dreadful crime.

A recommended structure for the description of the stories:

  • Information about the person(s) targeted: who they are, what do they enjoy and do, their passions, their work/studies, etc.

  • Information about the hate crime: what happened, when and where, in which circumstances, etc.

  • How did the people targeted reacted to the hate crime? Which were the consequences for them? And, if they did not react, why?

  • Was the crime reported, properly investigated and prosecuted?

  • The reaction from the community: their family and close friends, the local community, media (did and how the media portrayed the episode), politicians (were any statements/actions taken by the local /national politicians in this regard?) and others.

The stories need to be sent by the 17th July the latest  to nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com

If you need inspiration inspiration or a good example, you might want to check previous blog posts from last year for example:  http://blog.nohatespeechmovement.org/i-wish-that-utoya-shall-be-filled-with-life/



  1. jimmy walsh

    It is admirable and in keeping with the social changes that are happening in Ireland and countries in Europe and around the world, i think it is equally and maybe more important to also focus on the good stories that happen everyday in every town , village , city , country, hate is a negative but we must balance this with a positive, i am sure out of a lot of hate crimes that have happened over time you will see something positive, this movement is one, we are inspired by people who triumph over adversity , Mary Anne Rabmucher said ‘ Courage Dosen’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘ I will try again tomorrow

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