28 June, 2015

Victims of Hate Crime: Guidelines for offline actions

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The No Hate Speech Movement provides the following guidelines as recommendations for organising local or national offline actions in support of the European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime on the 22nd July 2015.

The aim of the offline actions shall be to raise public awareness and to develop understanding about important human rights issues, to give recognition of suffering of individuals and groups in our society and prompt us to act in order to create a society based on human rights. When addressing the groups that suffer from sustained violations of human rights make sure that the actions contribute to bring justice to the victims, to create the space for victims and targets of human rights violations to share their experience, to ensure education to prevent such events from happening again (including combatting the causes and the consequences of such human rights violations) and to express solidarity and common standing.

Recommendations: Organise peacefull and respectful commemoration and rememberance activities in schools, public places, youth groups about historical or recent hate crimes in the community or in the country. The purpose of such an event shall be to remember the victims, to express solidarity with them and learn from what happened in a way that participants understand the importance of preventing such cases in their communities and reacting on hate speech in the moment it happens.

  • Make sure that in case the victims have not survived the crime that you contact the relatives or friends or organisations that carries the loss and the memory of the victims and you ask for their permittion and support for such a momemntum. You can also try to involve them or invite them to remember together.
  • In case the victims have survived and are still among you in your community you should contact them and see what they think about your idea and if the agree try to involve and invite them in the making and implementation of the event.
  • Try to involve young people so that they are active organisers and owners of the event so that they can learn a lot from it.

The offline event can take several formats and use different methodology.

  • A flashmob in a frequented public place,
  • An exhibition asbout the hate crime and its consequences,
  • A solidarity eventwith speeches and discussions to remember the victims,
  • A workshop about hate crimes based on a true story that happened in your community,
  • A peaceful public demonstration to express solidarity on the venue of the crime (for example placing flowers or red hearts).

If you plan to organise an event please send the brief description to nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com so that we can keep record of the different events and if you wish we can also promote it on the social media of the Movement and on www.nohatespeechmovement.org

In case you take photos or video of the event, please consider sharing it with the Movement so that it can be part of the online content of the No Hte Speech Movement and shared with a wider public for the benefit of many.




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