12 December, 2014


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Gubaz Koberidze
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Written by: Olga Hurtado

 President of the Council of Victims of Hate Crimes, COVIDOD

Human Rights violation is always a trauma for victims. No matter the reason or the context human suffering is unfair. Hate crimes are machines of collective pain and sorrow, direct attacks against Human Right’s structures and values. And, of course, direct against concrete persons and their communities.

Thought history many totalitarian regimes had systematically violated the rights of their citizens. History is full of heroines and heroes making enormous sacrifices for democracy and human dignity, even giving the most precious value that we have, our own freedom or our own life. From every corner of our continent many people sacrifices themselves to liberate Europe from Nazism and its roots. Keeping silence under torture or just dying for being a resistance member. That generation of people achieved to defeat fascism and Nazism almost in the whole continent which in practice means to strength democracies based on the rule of Human Rights.

Those resistance fighters against Nazism fought for many reasons but one of them was to live under a political system in which none should be scared of its religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or whatever intrinsic characteristic or essence of their human condition. This is why when we look to the present and sadly we realize that people is attacked for that reasons, that people are killed or mutilated because their color, religion or sexual orientation, and we realize that they were stigmatized or dehumanized by hate speech, then we reach to the conclusion that much more need to be done to remember the past in order not to repeat it and that much we have to learn from the sacrifices that many people made in the past for the enjoyment of our freedom.

When a lady is sleeping in the street and neo-Nazis set fire on her; when a couple of girlfriends are beaten because they walk free hand by hand. When a Roma family is harassed in their own home by a bunch of haters, when a black man is shot to dead, or a Jew kid killed by a fanatic… when many victims dignity is attacked, the bells of Nazism are sounding again for all us.

This is why from the point of view of victims much more has to be done for making fundamental rights a reality in the world. No Hate Speech Movement is a hope against the noise and fury of hatred. We are totally convinced that this campaign will literately save lives. One of the achievements of the Movement was to establish 22 of July as European day of Victims of Hate Crimes. It will mark a day for mourning, reflection, memory and action to create a Europe free of intolerance.


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  1. Alexandra Lourenço

    when the exclusion and discrimination continue to be permitted and supported by a policy option, continues to be much to do to ensure basic rights that should be for all citizens. I am a sex worker and also activist and human rights defender. While there is no recognition and regulation of sexual content of activities, human rights are constantly being violated. The recognition and regulation of sexual content activities, is a responsibility and political duty. No one can continue to close the eyes to reality and ignore the numbers of those involved in sex work, nor can ignore the stigma and violence that has been exerted on sex workers


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