10 December, 2016

We are all born under the same sun and we all have the same human rights!

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Written by Marija Andreevathe-sun

We are all born under the same sun. We all live under the same sky.

We are all human.

We all have the same human rights.

Unfortunately, not all people have the chance to practice those rights.
Unfortunately, some people have their right violated.
Unfortunately, some people try to take away and harm other people’s rights.

They don’t know or try very hard to forget that human rights are inalienable and indivisible.

John Locke wrote: “Being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.”

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights are not just a piece of paper. They are product of a long struggle and fight of the people who believed that we all deserve the same chances. People who believed that everyone have the right of a life and human decency.

They are a product of the struggle and ideals of people who knew that the world sometimes can be a cruel place and they worked very hard to make that world a little brighter and better place. And they succeeded.

We do live in a better world. And we have the responsibility to make it even better.

The world is never going to be perfect. Neither will people.

Nevertheless, the world can and should be a welcoming place, safe place, place where people can be who they are, place where they can say what they think. Where they have the freedom to travel, to move, to see and experience new things. The world can and should be a place where people mix and share their experiences. Only through prosperity and respect, humanity can move forward and achieve unimaginable things. Who knows where is the limit?

However, when people bully other people, when people spread hate, when people put down, attack and discriminate people because they are different, we put limits. We put walls. We stop listening to each other. We stop exchanging experiences, cultures, ideas. We stop learning from each other and we cannot achieve greatness, we cannot move forward. We cannot fix nor repair the things that need to be fixed and repaired.

Hate speech suffocates every society. Hate speech is like cancer that spreads and destroys all the healthy cells in the society. Hate speech leads to hate crime and all of these things lead to havoc. They will not fix anything.  Hate speech will not produce safety or productivity and will definitely not solve any problem. It will just create new ones.

Hate speech hurts other people. Hate speech destroys healthy dialogue and debates. Hate speech defocuses people from solving the problems and answering the questions that need to be asked. Hate speech destroys lives.

Instead of hurting and bulling, we need to talk to each other and respect each other.

Underneath it all, we are different, but we still have hope, love, and dreams about a better world. We don’t need to agree on our image about how the world can be a better place and we don’t need to want the same future, but we need to see each other as we are. Humans.

We will never be perfect, but we are all we got. We have each other and we should have each other backs.

Hate is not an option.
Respect is!

Our human rights are our biggest treasure. We should nurture them, protect them, and cherish them.

Above all, we should respect them. For us, for everyone.

Live and let live.

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