15 November, 2017

What are Human Rights in every day life for you?

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What are Human Rights in every day life for you? What do they mean to you? Why hate speech is a threat to Human Rights? Which Human Right you consider important and why? Which of your Human Right is not respected? Why are you an activist of the No Hate Speech Movement (if you are an activist)?

Send your writing to nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com until the 8th December and we will share them on the No Hate Blog and on social media on the 10th December, the International Day of Human Rights.

Human rights reflect aspirations and needs as old as humanity. But their universality was only recognised after 1948. The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was adopted in 1950. Today, the European Court of Human Rights monitors its application and decides on thousands of individual complaints. Human rights may be invisible, like the air we breathe to live, but they are equally essential for living together in dignity. Human Rights shape many aspects of our daily lives.

The No Hate Speech Movement campaign has been mobilising thousands of young people and activists since 2013 to raise awareness of the harm done by hate speech and to promote human rights online. 10 December 2017 will be the last official Action Day for the whole campaign. As human rights are under threat in many places, this day will be dedicated to proudly protect them and give them visibility. We are proud of our human rights and we are proud human rights defenders. With love.


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