24 February, 2016

What can you do to counter sexist hate speech on 8th March?

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Discrimination, multiple discrimination and hate speech against women is a serious issue still in today’s Europe. The No Hate Speech Movement now addresses sexism and gender equality through its actions focusing on combating and countering sexism and sexist hate speech online and offline. It is very important to explain that sexism is also a form of Human Rights violation and hate speech against women increases violence against women. Sexist hate speech aims to humiliate and objectify women, to destroy their reputation and to make them vulnerable and fearful. It is a form of social shaming, and it is spreading the message that the women are less human beings. The No Hate Speech Movement aims to raise awareness about sexist hate speech online and its risks for democracy and its tragic consequences for young people.

If you want to support the European Action Day you can do one or more of the following actions on and around the 8th March 2016.

  1. Add to your Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo the twibbon Image of the Action Day (as the example) to support Gender Equality and to despise sexist hate speech.  Twibbon example
  2. Report sexist hate speech to the Hate Speech Watch
  3. Answer and Share the Question of the Day that will be publised at 17.00 CET each day on 6-10 March on the Facebook Page of the Movement and on Twitter @nohate_speech
  4. Make your own video message or a photo with your message and upload it on the Join the Movement page of the Movement
  5. Organise one of the recommended offline actions on the 8th March:  Organise a CineForum or Run an Educational Exercise: Exercise: Play Safe! Exercise: Understanding sexist hate speech Exercise: Roots and branches of sexist hate speech
  6. Learn through the Infograph or the Useful Links about countering sexist hate speech and share thsese to raise awareness about the issue.
  7. SIGN THE PETITION to make 22nd July a European Day commemorating victims of sexist hate crime and raising awareness about the link between sexist hate speech and hate crimes


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