The Online Activists


The online campaign is implemented with the support of a dedicated group of  70 volunteers from all over Europe. Trained by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe they are supporting the campaign by creating an active online community involved in awareness raising and educational activities regarding online hate speech. They moderate and manage the content of this website and the social media of the No Hate Speech Movement, they implement Action Days, and they also support the work of the national campaign committees across the 47 member states of the Council of Europe. Their work is coordinated by the Online Community Manager.

Here are some of the Members of the Online Community. If you mouse over the photo you can read the motivation, the competence and the contact of the selected activist.

Cristina Mancigotti, Italy

"My right to punch the air ends where your nose begins"

Competence: branding, marketing, promotional materials Graphic skills in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign – creation of visual aids, facilitation of workshops and activities for small/medium groups, storytelling and narrative styles

Twitter: @c_manci

Gubaz Koberidze, Georgia

Human Rights Association

"When I was told about the movement I told to myself “Yes this is what I want to do, because it is the problem that I want to combat, this is the work that I like to do, this is the value that I agree with and want to follow and yeah this is cool”

Competence: campaigning, educational activities, street actions, organizing events

Debora Barletta, UK

Euro-Mediterranean Resources Network, Brighton
"I really believe that it's possible to change many things if we step forward, especially if we find a way to do it all together. We got far more power than we can possibly imagine and it's never too late to start using it."

Competence: project management, cross-cultural interaction on many different levels

Balint Josa, Hungary

Foundation of Subjective Values
"It is the online world that is our future. I want to live with all the people in peace in this future. Hate Speech disturbs peace"
Competence: public speaker, trainer, event organiser

Eirik Rise, Norway

Stop Hatrat,
National Campaign Coordinator

"To strengthen human rights online."

National coordinator in Norway and campaign advisor.

Nita Zogiani, Kosovo

Kosovar Gender Studies Center (KGSC)
"I am passionate about the inclusion of a gender perspective in development processes and creation of sustainable peace and human security for all members of society, both online and offline. I also believe If we combat sexist hate speech online we are creating more space for people to speak up, and feel safe to use the internet to make their voices heard."

Irina Drexler, Romania

Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) and Transylvania Digital Humanities Research Centre (DigiHUBB) within Babeş-Bolyai University

"Holding a PhD degree in linguistics, focusing on discourse analysis (in general) and diplomatic discourse (in particular), I am interested in observing both the apparently unperceivable hateful remarks and the obvious, tough hate speech, as well as in finding context-appropriate responses to such occurrences."
conducting academic research and writing articles , doing advocacy work and dealing with bureaucracy, thinking strategically, writing and implementing project proposals, coordinating volunteers, conducting PR activities, organizing workshops/training, coordinate scientific publications

Mustafa Gündoğdu, Turkey

Association of Renaissance Institute

"I believe in the power of collective action to create a change towards peaceful and democratic societies."

Competence: coordinating training courses, building networks

Lilla Nedeczky, Hungary

Hope for Children Hungary-president, Hungarian National Campaign Coordinator
"Nowadays, online hate speech has become a major form of human rights abuse, with very serious consequences for young people, both online and offline. After 3 years of active campaigning, "No Hate" education became a concept which I am willing to further develop"
Competence: project management, event organisation, advocacy, public relations

Enrico Elefante, Italy


"It's important for me to raise the awareness about the link between hate speech and hate crimes. That's why I choose to be an activist and to spread the voice about it with activities in educational activities with decision makers, youth workers and youth leaders."
Competence: rainer and expert in the field of non-formal education, in structured dialogue and participation processes, mainly related with youth policies and involving young people

Mehmet ÇETİNKAYA, Turkey

Istanbul Arel University

"Nobody choose their life, race, language, country and even family. My dream is to live all together in peace! That motivates me to work in No Hate Speech Movement."

Competence: youth trainer and youth worker

Valentina Auliso, Italy

Youth Express Network

"Raise the awareness of Hate Speech online and offline"

Competence: Digital competencies and linguistic competencies, as well as very good common of six different languages. Human's rights knowledge and political understanding

Marija Andreeva, Macedonia

OHRID Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs

"I truly believe that we all deserve to live in a world without hate speech and cyber-bulling. I believe in positive and healthy discussions and communication, instead of threats, hate and fear. I believe that no one deserves to be a victim of hate speech or cyber-bullying because of who he or she is, or what his or her beliefs are."

Competence: Research concerning hate speech, organizing events and training concerning hate speech and cyber-bullying

Laszlo Foldi, Europe

Online Community Manager of the No Hate Speech Movement

Humanity before identity!


Nelli Gishyan, Armenia

Youth Events Holding Centre
"Always hoping for PEACE in the world. And as in the well known proverb: "Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness"
Competence: project management, advocacy


Silvia Crocitta, Italy

Agenzia di Promozione Integrata per i Cittadini in Europa

"I truly hope that European youth could benefit from an online community of activists advocating for human rights and diversity. Defending each other from online violence and hate speech on social media is extremely important"

Competence: education and social transformation, tools for learning

Alessandra Coppola, Italy

"Human rights claim for protection against Hate Speech, online and offline. I'm an activist, always on!"

Competence: democracy and rule of law, youth participation, human rights education, antidiscrimnation against migrants and refugees

Ian McGahon, Ireland

"I am an online activist because I can see how hate speech oppresses people and often violates minority human rights. I have worked alongside LGBTQI People, People with disabilities and Irish Travellers in challenging hate speech."

Competence: Online mobilisation, social media management

Jana Minochkina, Albania

Youth Center "Perspektiva"

"Passivity of many people around me, when it comes to facing hate speech and discrimination, is the strongest motivation. Every time I run an activity, I believe that if at least one person becomes more aware of how to react to hate speech, it is a victory. "

Competence: facilitation and training on prevention of hate speech, conflict mediation and intercultural dialogue; project management; policy development and advocacy skills and blogging. Originally from Russia, but living and working in the Balkans for the last 5 years

Sara Serrano. Spain

Journalist working for Human Rights

"Offline or online, I follow two simple steps: 1. Recognizing hate speech and discriminatory attitudes; 2. Taking action to counteract them! Human Rights education is the way to do it and the NHSM is the platform to make it real!"

Competence: writing, flagging hate speech, photo & video making, HR education

Viktor Szabados, Switzerland

Founding member

"As the world is full of hate and hateful content we need to work on this together with our partners. Breaking stereotypes and prejudices. Hate speech generates a spiral of ignorance which can lead to hate crime. So there is no question why we should combat hate speech together."

Competence: training, advocacy, networking, marketing and PR

Matej Manevski, Macedonia

National Campaign Committee in Macedonia; Youth for Exchange and Understanding International; Center for Intercultural Dialogue
"I believe that our society has a lot of potential to be based on human rights, without hate and fear. That's why i became an activist to support young people in achieving their full potential to develop a better and more inclusive world."

Competence: facilitation and training on hate speech and hate crime, project management, policy development and advocacy skills

Luis Bekteshi, Albania

Youth Center "PERSPEKTIVA"

"I strongly believe that Hate Speech is a very serious problem in my society."

Competence: project management, advocacy


Alessandro Nicoteria, Italy

Regional Youth Council of Campania

"I want to change the society, trying to improve lives of my peers. Defend and promote human rights with the NHSM is the proper way to follow my order."
Competence: project management, non-formal training, youth exchanges, structured dialogue,

Ana Lopez, Spain

Movement against Intolerance
"Human Rights should be respected offline and online. I want to help to make that possible!"
Competence: online tools, non-formal education and raising awareness.

Martin Mlynar, Slovakia

"Hate Speech is problem which we all have to face. I've always wanted to work in this area and being an activist gave me opportunities to work on possible solutions."
Competence: Social media campaigns, event management

Anna Robinson, The Netherlands

Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) LGBT Network

Arpine Sahakyan, Armenia

"Youth alliance via networking" (YAN)
"Most of kinds of hate speech spread via internet, and combating hate speech in internet means combating against this fact completely, which helps make world more tolerant."

Competence: information against hate speech, volunteering, facts of hate speech

Desiree Pelliccia, Italy

"I truly believe in activism for social change; I became a youth trainer and expert in theatre of the oppressed cause I thought formation could be the best way to solve issues and building a better world,in cooperation with people that share the same values and can actually support the promotion of important causes."

Competence: workshop and methods on HR education, social campaign methods, communication strategies


Jan Huk, Czechia

" Vaclav Havel once said: Truth and Love Must Prevail Over Lies and Hatred"

Competence: Ex-National Coordinator, editing related FB pages, Online Media Specialist, Public Relations Specialist


Stefan Petrovski, Macedonia

CID (Center for Intercultural Dialogue)

"In a world full of hate I encourage people to see the beautiful and peaceful side of life where hate speech is no longer an issue."

Competence: project implementation, organising events, writing