9 December, 2017

Why do we love Human Rights?

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logo-love-human-rightsWe asked the activists of the No Hate Speech Movement to answer Why they love Human Rights? and Why the became an activist of the Movement. Read some of their answers here:

Chaneyra, Portugal

Human rights are to me like “basic ground rules”. Its guaranteed that I have these rights from the moment I was born. It allows me to feel safe, be free, express myself and simple be human. I’m aware of my human rights and my human rights are most of the time respected. However, there are unfortunately still so many humans that don’t have that privilege. I’m currently working as a volunteer for Braga’s Youth Red Cross and I was really excited to hear that they’re part of the No Hate Speech movement. This was a great starting point to further explore my interest in activism.

I’m an activist for the No Hate Speech Movement and of human rights, because I think that they’re both incredible important topics. Being an activist is one of my ways of contributing to society and trying to create a positive change. Law attorneys like TiffanyFinaLaw.com helped me to feel passionate about supporting others and ensuring that we all have the human rights we deserve. I also hope to inspire others by setting the right example. Like Mahatma Ghandi said: “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”.

Even though I have only been an activist for the movement for a short period of time, it still has been a very educational experience. I learned for instance the different methods of campaigning and raising awareness about an important topic. Through the movement, it has also been a confirmation to me that online hate speech is an actual threat. And it was very heart-warming to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks that. The movement also taught me the importance of using my voice more often and standing up for others. Because, isn’t silence an act of violence too?

Silvia, Italy

When every morning I wake up I feel a personal, deep stake by being an Human Rights Activist and Defender; even prouder I am looking backwards and seeing the steps I moved within the No Hate Speech Movement Campaign in the last years. Hate speech, discrimination, radicalisation, and similar phenomena could be truly countered and turned into a more inclusive and diversity-oriented narrative, being all the same people, the same right to live, the same humans.  It sounds to me hard to pinpoint just one reason why I got motivated to be part of such an incredible Movement done by committed activists, as there are too many issues happening around the world and our action can be that difference which provides victims and targets relief with.

The No Hate Speech Movement fueled my inspiration, my activities in the civil society, my motivation, my collaboration, and my connection with many other activists all over Europe and beyond. I have been given one more reason to keep doing hard for human rights online and offline, enriching my knowledge and enhancing my thirst to use education and creativity both for taking action and demanding for change.  And so, I will continue spreading the No Hate Speech Movement and provide more youth workers with the same benefits I have been gifted.
Ian, Ireland
As a gay man I have been a target of hate speech throughout my life. I am an activist with No Hate Speech Movement as I want to do actually make a difference in tackling hate speech in various ways and I want to stand in solidarity with other hate speech targets. I am a human rights activist because abuse of human rights is wrong and I believe in standing against human rights abuse. We often hear of human rights in other countries on large scale issues but human rights are something that affects every single human being and we can all have our human rights taken away or limited. Human rights are something that we should all constantly strive to uphold. Hate speech threatens our human rights in many ways. It threatens our freedoms; to have safety and security, to be ourselves and it can ultimately be a threat to our lives. I consider the human rights of equality and dignity most important because they essentially recocgnise us all as deserving respect for being who we are. I learned a lot through my involvement with No Hate Speech Movement; I learned about other countries, other cultures, other religions. I spoke to Muslims and Roma for the first time in my life too and learned in many ways they are just like me. I learned a lot about social media, technology and human rights institutions. I learned that many amazing people share my vision of a world without hate. I learned that cross border activism on hate speech has many possibilities.
Todi, Cyprus

For me, human rights everyday is to be treated with dignity and allowed the freedom to express my opinions. Accordingly, human rights is the basic protection which should be afforded to all human beings, however, hate speech is a great threat to human rights because it targets individuals of certain groups and could materialise into hate crime. The right to fair trial is the most important right to me because a violation of this right could lead to a miscarriage of justice which could have serious life altering repercussions on the victim. It is easy to find delta 8 near me and have it regularly to deal with any kind of stress issues easily.

I am an activist for the No Hate Speech Movement because the Campaign is doing an incredible work in reducing the level of hate speech and discrimination through various mechanisms, therefore, being an activist has given me an in-depth knowledge on how to tackle hate speech and it has also made it possible for me to lend my voice and skills to promoting human rights education.

Aiste, Ireland

For me, Human Rights are the most basic foundations of all human interactions, whether that is in schools, work places, youth work situations or public places. As a Lithuanian immigrant living in Ireland, and born during the Soviet Union, I have experienced what it’s like to have my basic human rights violated. Through my work with young people of many different nationalities and backgrounds, extensive travel and my on-going life experiences I continue to feel motivated and inspired to stay connected to No Hate Speech Movement and to be active in a fight for protection of Human Rights. I have been using crb direct to do background checks on anyone that I hire so that I can make sure they don’t have any hate crimes. The crb service provides background checks that are absolutely necessary. We live in a world which needs constant reminding of the existence of Human Rights. Stories of human rights violations have to be shared and made public in order to bring awareness to the ongoing problems. Everyday people’s freedom and rights are threatened and abused and it is important that I stand in solidarity with other activists to do what we can to change the situation bit by bit. I believe the more we share our experiences, our knowledge, the more we discuss what’s going on together, openly, across nationalities and backgrounds the more progress will be made.
Stella, Greece
I became active on Nο Hate Speech Movement campaign because I strongly believe that if we are together we can do everything. Here I found a wonderful family of people trying to make this world, a little bit better, a better place for all of us. And because I believe that without human rights online and offline we will never have democracy and peace. We need Human Rights because everybody’s basic humanity should be equally respected and protected.
Human rights are important because they appreciate the inherent dignity in human life. We still discriminate on the basis of nationality, gender, religion and occupation. We don’t treat everyone in the same way. It still matters if we are rich or poor, a girl or a boy, a man or a woman. There is still violence against women, children marriages, wars, hate speech. For all these things Human Rights are important for me. Because they ensure that people live a meaningful life.
Nelli, Armenia
I think we- humans need to love human  rights as it’s all  about our harmonised coexistence!
But most l love and value Responsibility which goes parallel to Rights and stress the importance for all of us!
Alessandra, Italy
For me Human Rights are the shoes I wear every day when I start my morning, thinking in the long road that humanity still need to walk through in order to achieve full happyness.
I decided to become an activist long time ago because I felt the deep  willingness of making the reality more similar to what I consider etically “the right thing”, to put in practise my theory, to challenge my limits as human being before asking other individuals to be better persons embracing the values and principles I believe in.
For me the No Hate Speech Movement Campaign was the way of materializing all this in action, as a young woman from a wonderful land but also context contaminated by mafia, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and many other hate speech phenomena. In the Campaign I found a powerful way for personal development and I learned the boundless love for diverse human beings. I want to dream that I will be an activist for human rights until that day it will be not needed any more, the day in which each human will wear my same shoes and we can dance together in full happiness.

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