5 February, 2017

Winning the trust for better humiliating

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Winning the trust for better humiliating, is that part of the educational project taken by the city of Brussels? It seems that it is already the case…

This 1st of February started the interfaith and philosophical harmony week. As usual, the gardeners of the No Hate Speech Movement are running through the Brussels-Wallonia Federation, the institution responsible of the education of French speaking in Wallonia and in Brussels, to take care of the seeds of critical minds and ensure a spring with the widest blossoming.  

On this 1st of February, Amal – No Hate seed gardener – goes to the School “l’Ecole des Magnolias” to hold a 2 hours workshop of exchange, reflection and creativity. Kids were so excited and involved that the teacher invited Amal to hold a 2nd workshop 2 weeks after, in order to deepen creative ideas that came out.

In addition to the workshops for the 1 group, this 2nd of February a workshop was supposed to be held for another class. This never happened. Did our trainer missed her 6am train in Liège-Guillemins station? Was there a scheduling mistake in the no hate actions of that week? No, it’s just here a story about “have a good day”. Oh, really?

Amal is arriving at the school to join the teacher and her class. When reaching the secretariat, the greeter informs Amal that headwears are forbidden in the school.

Amal is surprised by this information as she is aware that this ban is applicable to students and teachers, but not to her as she’s an external resource person solicited by the school. She is asked to remove her hijab: her answer is no.

A few minutes later, the head of the school reiterates the question of taking off the hijab, her answer is still no.  He responds with a “have a nice day” to end up the conversation. Later on, he informs her that all headwears are forbidden, no matter the activity.

How is it possible to welcome a trainer on one day and refuse her to enter on the other? How come that no one warned her on the 1st day?

Shall we agree with statements from the school staff saying “we couldn’t guess that one of your team members is wearing the hijab”? Or should we encourage the issuers of these regulations to take their responsibilities and communicate with transparency on this ban of all type of headwears?

This arbitrary application isn’t some kind of flexibility or goodwill: a member of our team gave her passion, her skills and time, without being remunerated by the school for the 1st workshop and ends up even more humiliated by this experience.

No one deserves to be treated like this. And certainly not in the framework of a  “citizenship course”!.

Let’s remember that “Citizenship education in its broadest sense is the ability to live together in an harmonious way and to develop yourself as a person, as a citizen, as the subject of rights and duties, free, responsible, supportive, and included in the society and free to exercise his-her critical mind and philosophical questioning.

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