10 March, 2016

Women's Day: Action in Bulgaria

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Category: Activism, European Action Day, gender equality, sexist hate speech
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Written by Petya Kulina
On 7th of March 2016 Association Alternativi International Bulgaria organized an event to promote No hate speech movement as well as to spread awareness of 8th of March-the European Day for Sexists hate speech. The event was organized in the city center of Blagoevgrad and involved volunteers from Bulgaria, Coratia, Georgia and Spain. The event have reached directly over 400 people and succeeded to become very attractive for the local media. The local people were engaged not only by receiving promotional materials such as brochures, pins, balloons but by  writing their own thoughts related to Hate, love and tolerance. Alternativi team gave the people the chance to also to really think of the power of words by  choosing  positive messages to encourage more people to join the campaign against hate. Information for the event was published in a lot of local medias. The event end with forming a heart from people and letting heart shaped balloons in the air as a symbol of letting hate out and bringing Love and Tolerance instead!

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